Lock in Policyholders
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with TRUPAY™


TRUPAY™ is the leading payroll based billing and payment solution for the workers compensation, property and casualty and benefits industries. TRUPAY™ does all of the dirty work associated with Pay-As-You-Go billing and collection, including calculating and collecting earned premium each pay period by employee, creating fully reconciled reports, providing flexible options for policyholders or their payroll firms to send payroll data, and managing workflow for missing payroll files or funds – freeing your agents up to ...

Cash Flow

Most well run companies want to accurately predict costs and maximize cash flow. Pay-As-You-Go billing for workers compensation does just that by minimizing up front deposits and end of year audit surprises. Market research suggests that today over 100,000 business are purchasing Pay-As-You-Go workers compensation policies from their payroll service firms. Are you and your agents effectively able to compete? Our carrier customers are using TRUPAY™ to win back new business - and early indications are ...


Our first product, TRUPAY™ - Workers Compensation was developed for workers compensation carriers to enable their agency channel to sell a Pay-As-You-Go solution. Based on customer feedback, we have created new versions of TRUPAY™ for Commercial Lines, Statutory and Voluntary Benefits and Employer Based Affinity Programs for Personal Lines. Carriers can now offer a single, consolidated bill to policyholders each pay period while automating the collection process.


Prestwick Services currently has twelve TRUPAY™ customers. The following have been nice enough to allow us to display their logos.



How Are We Doing?

The chart below depicts the amount of Pay-As-You-Go premium processed by our customers on our TRUPAY™ platform over the years. Total cumulative premium processed in TRUPAY™ exceeded $275M in 2012 and we expect significant growth in 2013 as new carrier customers are currently being implemented.